Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Library of Babel (further research)

For case study help I bought Jorge Luis Borges' book, Labyrinths, which contains the short story/description of The Library of Babel; which I really enjoyed reading. The translated (from Spanish) book comes across as autobiographical, and describes the most interesting and macabre of places in such a simple way that it is easy to forget it is fiction at all:

I look forward to reading the other short stories when I have written this blog entry.

I made a few sketches of the shapes hexagons create, and how these shapes could be used in the context of circulation throughout the library:

I then looked at how each hexagon could be organised into a series of smaller internal hexagons describing the different functions:

Moving away from floor plans, I drew these basic section diagrams to show the tiny compartments that flank the infinite voids. The voids are full with dust from decomposed bodies who have been falling from so far up. Every so often a librarian would see a skeleton fall past him/her as they continued to read endless books of gibberish:

The lights are described in the books as 'spherical fruits', and I have positioned these over the reading tables, of which there is one per hexagon, per librarian

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